Some of the Brands I helped so far as consultant:

As a digital transformation strategist, digital brand communication and marketing technology expert, I started working in the social media world since 2005 by helping dj’s, bands and singers promote their selves through In 2007 I  contribute to launch the first corporate web radio by creating contents and monitoring the online reputation of the brand.

In 2008, I join the E-commerce Department of the world’s most popular US Internet Company, as E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Specialist.

After 1 year of break , in 2010 I start working again as independent consultant in terms in terms of digital marketing strategy planning and execution and as trainer by forming managers and entrepreneurs

In 2011 I launch my own global media company in London by exploding on a global scale.


Write to Davide:  Davide Scialpi’s e-mail for getting more about his consultancy engagements fees in respect to:

– Marketing Strategy ( Design and Execution )

– Digital Strategic Marketing ( Real Time Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Advocacy Marketing, Visual Marketing,Buzz Marketing, Marketing Technology ) ( Design and Execution )

– Sales Strategies and Business Development  Strategies ( Design and Execution )

– Digital Transformation and Digital Economy ( Design and Execution )

– Branding Process ( Design and Execution )



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Write to Davide:  Davide Scialpi’s e-mail

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